Our Early Learning Centre follows the Early Learning Framework.

The EYLF‘s aim is laying a firm foundation for future learning through learning and development that is planned around each individual child’s specific needs and interests. The framework is designed to accomplish this goal while at the same time providing a universal set of standards to help improve the quality and consistency in the early years sector.

 Our Babies Room 

Our Babies Room is designed to feel like a home from home. Our Babies are encouraged to explore their indoor and outdoor environment  through their senses. Our program is guided by the children's cultures, languages, interests and emerging development.


Our Educators support our babies with Social and Emotional development as children need to feel safe, secure and supported in order to thrive in holistic development 


We strive to create a sense of belonging for our children and families and follow the routines families have set at home for their children or support them in establishing one.

​Our Toddlers Room

Our Toddlers Room is designed to support exploration and investigation encoraging children's self-esstem and confidence. Children are encoraged to show empathy care and respect for others and our environment.

We promote self help skills allowing the children to self serve their own meals and support children with emerging self regualtion and wellbeing.

Each child is veiwed as a indivdual and supported in following their interests and strenghts. We inspire children to make decsions and encorage risky play which intern promotes cognitive thought processes 


 Our Preschool Room 

Our Preschool Room is designed to support children's Sense of ​Self, promoting Autonomy and enquiry.


We view are preschool children as capable and responsible. We encorage compromise and support peer conflict resolution, equiping our children for life long learning and success.

Our Preschool is focused on our children's interests and abilitites. We encorperate Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Art and Technology in to our fortnightly program to ensure we expand the childrens growing minds.


Our Early learning Centre currently offers Preschool collections from Nightcliff Preschool, Millner Preschool and Anula Preschool

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