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At Foundations For Life Early Learning, we know that children develop most rapidly between the age of birth to five years. We view our children as competent citizens of our community, and believe children need a healthy sense of self, confidence and resilience in order to thrive in our ever-changing world.​ Our approach to learning is to support our children’s enquiring minds through inspiring play spaces and intentional teaching opportunities. Fostering children’s holistic development through play, interactions and collaborative projects. We support the research that shows play learning allows children to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning of the world around them.


We view our environment as a third teacher and aim to provide a warm and nurturing place where children, families and educators feel a sense of belonging. Our service places strong value on sustainable practice and educating the children about the amazing natural world in which we live; teaching children how to preserve our environment now and into the future thus encouraging awareness and accountability.


We strive to work in partnerships with families through our Christian values; open communication, honesty and respect; valuing families as unique and respecting their opinions and beliefs. We value and welcome the diversity of cultures within our community and celebrate the wealth of knowledge and inclusivity it brings. As a team we respect the integral role we play within children's' and families' lives supporting the child’s foundations for current and lifelong learning.​

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