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3-5 Years

Our Preschool Room follows the Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum - a document created specifically for NT preschools based off the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our Preschool educators are trained to know and understand the curriculum to effectively support children in building the foundational skills that are essential for children to achieve success at school and in life. The five Learning Outcomes underpin our practice and guide our planning. These outcomes are:


  • Identity - feeling accepted, developing confidence and resilience, acting with empathy and respect  

  • Connectedness - communicating and working with others, welcoming diversity, social responsibility

  • Wellbeing - building relationships, self-regulation of emotions, building knowledge of physical health

  • Learning & Thinking - developing curiosity, enthusiasm and inquiry skills, representing ideas creatively

  • Communication - interacting verbally and non-verbally, learning literacy and numeracy symbols and concepts

To learn more about the Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum, click the button below:


We view our preschool children as capable and responsible. We assist the development of social skills through learning to share and compromise, as well as supporting peer conflict resolution, equipping our children for life long success in all interactions.​


Our Preschool Room is designed to support  each child's sense of self, promoting autonomy and enquiry.


​Our Preschool Room is focused on our children's interests and abilities. We incorporate numeracy, literacy, science, art and technology into our fortnightly curriculum to ensure we expand each child's growing mind.

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